Get The COIN XYO App Now

Welcome to the COIN XYO app – the app that pays and rewards you for doing everyday things like walking, biking, driving or exploring your surroundings! Check out the short introduction video below where Tyler explains how the app works, or read on below to learn more.

How does it work?

Did you know that most smartphone apps collect tons of data from your phone wherever you go – everyday? Things like where you are located, what apps you’re currently using and what other devices you’re communicating with. Don’t worry though, most of the data collected is only collected for your own convenience, however, you’re not “getting anything” for it in return – until now.

The XYO network is a location-based data network built upon people just like you. By collecting geospatial data like movement, travel and commuting – the XYO network grows with valuable geographical information that is always up to date to the second. Since this information is valuable, it is only fair that users contributing to the network should get their piece of the pie.

Introducing the COIN [XYO] App