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Such waste additionally strictly regulated and supervised by the federal government referring to Government Regulation No. 101 Year 2014 on Control of Hazardous Substance that have to be adhered for air pollution prevention. Therefore, management of hazardous waste must be carried out successfully to stop antagonistic social and environmental impression. The amount of effluent produced by ANTAM operation was vary geomine server hacked in contrast to previous year depending on manufacturing price in every of business unit. In 2016, there was improve of effluent amounted to 23.5% of 9.1 million m3 compared to earlier yr of 7.4 million m3. The increase primarily contributed from UBPN Sultra that increased its mining operation and consume more water that caused improve of effluent.

Mining OHS outlines activities to guarantee and shield employee’s well being and safety by way of the management of occupational health and safety, working environment, and OHS system. In 2016 the Community Stewardship Program target was 22 activities and was realized by conducting 32 activities. Training carried out in 2016 was 18 training periods participated in by 537 partners. Beside that, at UBP Emas, Musrenbang Pongkor routinely conducts every tokens geomining year enriched coaching and technical help for village officers who attend the occasion. In addition to enabling people to interact in development planning, Musrenpong additionally offers skills development programs wanted to implement the event plans.

Oil, gas and mining industry had been the sectors whose contribute significant revenue to Indonesian State as creating nation. Approximately one-third state revenue from export are drawed from these extractive industries which also take part in hundreds of job opportunities and support enhance other non-natural sources based mostly interpreting geomin rotated loadings significance business. This policy gives emphasis towards ANTAM since approximately 30% of Company’s income was gained from nickel ore export at that time to provide capital to downstream tasks. Dinner with BOD initiative was applied to give appreciation for the outstanding worker in ANTAM.

The wants assessment was performed using three approaches to get a comprehensive description. As a pure resources based mostly company producing mineral merchandise, ANTAM’s key sustainability success lies within the activities of exploration, mining, processing, refining and advertising, till post-mining. ANTAM also possess innovation utilizing waste into valuable building raw material known as Green Fine Aggregate . GFA begins as a waste materials from ore separation process of gold and silver at UBP Emas, additional processed to be utilized as a element for concrete and various development materials.

In addition to regular scholarships, ANTAM additionally particularly works with several universities and schools to distribute the scholarships. In a mining area, reclamation and post-mining should be planned from the very starting and be applied based on its intentions primarily based on environmental paperwork and post-mining plan . In UBPN Sultra, slag is a appreciable quantity of waste generated from nickel processing in nickel ore smelting process. Should there any incident or waste spillage, ANTAM has reporting mechanism and process in place and infrastructure to control spill that isn’t causing environmental air pollution that may harm surrounding communities. Many stakeholders putting excessive consideration to wastewater quality released to environment, due to this fact this side had become one of many focus in managing the environment within the Company. ANTAM GHG emissions are divided into two scopes i.e. mining and processing actions, and energy use.

We are dedicated to implementing occupational safety management as a basic practices. Each and every mine accident causes direct losses within the form of accidents suffered by victims or harm to Company’s tools and amenities. PK fund distribution is split into seven sectors, including business, commerce, agriculture, livestock, agriculture, fishery and services.

The evaluation outcomes of employee well being examinations after well being surveillance point out that 100 percent of examined employee have been fit to work; there were no employee categorised as fit restrictive. Based on analysis of Global Burden of Diseases and Health Sector Review there were modifications of illness patterns in 2015 where non-contagious disease appeared within the top 5 positions. The behavioural danger related to those ailments based on Riskedas 2007 and 2013 had been lack of physical activity and fiber consumption, and smoking. In operational area, the Safety Committee is led by Head of Mining Engineering who’s instantly accountable as General Manager, as stipulated in relevant regulation. However, we realise that every one measurable aspects as nonetheless perceptive and primarily based on subjective assessment of respondents.

GOLD & PRECIOUS METAL REFINING ANTAM’s gold and refinery business section consists of gold commodity, silver and pr … For all work that will affect environmental and social impression from a enterprise partner, ANTAM has established environmental management standards from procurement planning, procurement course of, underwriting and contract finalization until completion according to applicable regulation. But the benefit of mining actions shall not solely coming from the business itself. Business is expected to supply contribution to the development of community wider that complete industrial activities.

The development of mining industries also opened work opportunity and generating Indonesians skilled miners. Nowadays, there are Indonesian geologist and miners working in Australia, United States, Africa, and South East Asia area. Putting into consideration of Indonesian huge geological prospect and management competency, ANTAM believes on the invention alternative to ensure persevering with provide of mineral. Decreasing of working cost also achieved by the operation of coal fired power plant in UBPN Sultra, that replaced the use of Diesel Power Generator to provide electricity.

ANTAM additionally carefully manages all views that come to gentle in the mass media, together with native, national, and international media. In light of this, we’re all the time prepared with an acceptable response and proper positioning on news that we think about essential. In accordance with Law No. forty year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Companies, the construction of the Company‚Äôs governance is described with major Company organs of General Meeting of Shareholders , Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors . The General Meeting of Shareholders is a Company organ with authority not delegated to the BoD and BoC inside limitations as per laws and Company Articles of Association.

The significant increase of water usage in UBPN Sultra was as a result of improve in manufacturing and newly operated FeNi 4 plant that which boosted the need for water. Based on the enterprise unit, power use in UBPN Sultra was elevated to 2.98 million GJ, a 29.8% enhance in comparison with the previous 12 months which was also the principle contributor to the entire improve of vitality consumption. This was due to the rise in production and the newly operating FeNi 4 Plant. Moreover, the rise in energy consumption was additionally contributed by UBP Emas of 1,176.fifty four GJ which was associated with the underground mining development course of whereas utilization in the other three Business Units largely decreased. The Post-mining Plan has served as a reference in environmental management, neighborhood development, asset and manpower management from commisioning towards the post-mining activities. The first step carried out by ANTAM is by conducting Community Needs and Assets Assessment through its four enterprise units with the outcomes thought of as a baseline for every community’s social, economic and cultural condition within the operations areas.

In implementation, the Community Development program component can result in Community Relations, Community Services and Community Empowerment packages, as long as they’re in line with the Company‚Äôs Budget Plan . While post-mining group development program target are directed to the Community Empowerment and Community Services applications. Related to the mining activities on the UBP Emas which is intersect with the presence of illegal gold miners, in 2016 ANTAM proceed to curb the unlawful mining as it had occur in earlier years. ANTAM has performed lots of efforts to supply various sources of livelihood to them, together with agriculture. However, probably the most outstanding is taking the ex-illegal miners as its worker in GFA plant.

If not equipped with APD in accordance with OHS in mining standards of the Company, an worker could security equipment executing security gear. Safety gear for occupational well being and safety that’s offered by the Company have to be worn by every worker when carrying out work in accordance with work location and condition. In ANTAM, occupational health and security is managed by working items at the division level.

Halu Oleo helps with training in hygienic processing of sago starch, both wet or dry sago for 12 housewives to obtain further income. In addition, ANTAM also supported health centers to handle all complaints and public health issues. Especially this year, the Posyandu Revitalization program focused on growing the capacity of the volunteers and the supply of apparatus for Posyandu Tetelara in Huko-huko Village and Posyandu Lawania in Oko-oko Village, District Pomalaa. In 2016, the capacity development program was attended by 110 health workers from 20 Posyandu at the sub district of Pomalaa. The priority for the development of well being emphazises preventive and promotional efforts, while additionally addressing healing and rehabilitation efforts. Health development in was aimed toward enhancing entry and health services, enhancing the standard of public health services, improvement of hygienic and healthy behaviour as nicely as enhancing the standard of the free services at health middle.

The Company‚Äôs stakeholders‚Äô perceptions are strongly influenced by the Company‚Äôs efficiency in managing environmental influence, as nicely as it’ll decide the Company‚Äôs status in path of neighborhood. RUPK is attended by representatives of each stakeholder corresponding to native authorities, group, legislative members, representatives of NGOs, managers from the encompassing mining firms, experts, academia, program beneficiaries and other associated stakeholders. By observing that each operation area has uniqueness as well as completely different social, financial and tradition property and desires, ANTAM has developed its distinctive Master Plan for every main ANTAM enterprise unit which are UBPN Sultra, UBP Emas, UBPN Malut, and UBP Bauksit. CSR initiatives in health and education are promoted within an ongoing program, there for with ANTAM‚Äôs support in achieving Sustainable Development Goals since 2014 with an environment-based schooling program which developed by the federal government, known as the Adiwiyata School.

ANTAM’s gold and refinery business phase consists of gold commodity, silver and treasured metals processing and refinery services. Gold and silver commodity of ANTAM was produced through mining exercise and gold ore smelting to dore bullion. The gold ore mining is produced from two mining sites; Pongkor, West Java and Cibaliung, Banten, whereby each are underground mining. ANTAM‚Äôs major products are high grade nickel ore, also identified as saprolite, low grade nickel ore, also called limonite, ferronickel, gold, silver,and bauxite.

The TPG uses CFB technology which is considered safer and more environmentally pleasant, as a end result of consume a minimum quantity of use of coal and emit much less pollution in comparability with other standard coal power generators. In UBPN Malut, UBBP LM, and UBP Bauksit, the vitality depth was higher although there was an increase in manufacturing. For UBP Bauksit, bauxite manufacturing in 2016 was 20% greater whereas the vitality intensity decreased to 30% because xyo geomining setup of the reduction in fuel consumption of Diesel Power Generator and Thermal Power Generator of Boiler Turbine Generator PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina. AGS consists of applicable environmental requirements that suits with all areas and also treated as reference in policy decisions or environmental management procedures in Units and Business Units, Project Development, and within the Head Office and Subsidiaries. ANTAM implements a complete technique all through the lifespan of mining operations to make sure each essential aspect of the environment is fastidiously managed.

In each enterprise unit, health and safety is particularly managed by Operation Management, Safety and Environment working unit lead by the lead by the General Manager of each business unit. ANTAM has performed mapping of occupational health and safety danger in work areas and established acceptable planning applications. ANTAM’s enterprise exercise, especially in mining and processing, contains health and safety danger both to worker and Company assets.

Established within the late Nineteen Seventies, the Geomin Unit has more than 30 years of expertise in mining exploration actions notably in valuable minerals such as nickel, bauxite, gold and iron ore. Geomin Unit has conducted exploration activities throughout Indonesia, from the east by way of the west region of the minerals-rich achipelago. ANTAM is a vertically built-in, export-oriented, diversified mining and metals company. ANTAM help economic empowerment by way of CSR Program and partnership program referring to relevant laws. ANTAM sees the implementation of social accountability is certainly one of effort in realizing sustainable development in the Company’s operational area. Specifically for post-mining activities in mining companies, an exit technique is a key factor for ANTAM’s sustainability.

Based on Government Regulation No. one hundred and one Year 2014 ANTAM operation generates nickel slag and tailing which fall into particular source hazardous waste category. Slag generated from ferronickel plant in UBPN Sultra is waste materials from separation of metal in ore in metallurgical course of. Tailing generated from gold ore processing in UBP Emas is waste sludge from gold ore processing in hydrometallurgical process.

And then proceed to FeNi 2 in 1995 and FeNi three in 2007 till FeNi 1 development which named Pomalaa Ferronickel Plant Expansion Project . Since the federal government conduct uncooked mineral and concentrate export ban in 2014 which correspond to Governmrnt Regulation no.4 12 months 2009 on coal and mineral mining. Therefore ANTAM accelerate existing downstream initiatives whereas creating others in nickel and bauxite commodities. Meanwhile, mining SO activities assure and shield safety mining operations, efficient and productive through management and implementation of infrastructure maintenance, mine set up and gear, technical skilled competency, and analysis reviews of mining technical studies. The initial thought of this program is to handle the environmental and health issues and attaining gender equality via women’s empowerment.

ANTAM operating segments are distinguished according to three core businesses which comprised on nickel, gold and refinery, and bauxite and alumina. One of ANTAM‚Äôs Guiding Principles and to assist their vision ‚Äúto be a leading pure assets primarily based global company by way of business diversification and integration‚ÄĚ since 2012, the Company had launched the 5R program to be implemented in Head Office and each enterprise unit. ANTAM commitment to enhance shareholders value through cost discount and sustainable operational project. In 2016, the company has achieved considered one of downstream development in Pomalaa Southeast Sulawesi which will increase ferronickel manufacturing in 2016 in addition to creating the same commodities in East Halmahera. ANTAM Personnel are aware of occupational health and security as well as environment sustainability, group enpowerment and development primarily based on the principles of Operational Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Subcomponent PK program is geared entirely for Community Empowerment, while the BL program is targeted on Community Services and Community Empowerment. UBP Emas developed a Biodiversity Conservation Center Halimun Salak National Park and Trees and Endemic Plant Research and Education Center facility. Mining in UBP Emas is using underground mining method, subsequently no significant effect to biodiversity in the mine surrounding. In general, the slope condition was with out vegetation and rather steep, with a slope angle between 30-60¬į. Chemically, TKKS additionally improves the stability of Mg/K and cation exchange capability while biologically, TKKS can serve as food for microorganisms that can assist enhance the growth of microorganisms decomposing organic matter and recycling nutrients within the soil.

As of 2016, UBP Emas can now course of and utilize Green Fine Aggregate , which was formerly only a waste in the course of the separation means of gold ore become valuable and marketable building materials. The remodeling of GFA into a business product is a serious innovation in Indonesia, which earn recognition from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. We are confident that ANTAM employee will generate more improvements that provide added value in environmental preservation. Praise Almighty God for the success of ANTAM to repeatedly achieved constructive development in Fiscal Year 2016, despite the uncertain domestic and international economic situations.

In UBP Bauksit, water was taken from surface water and recycled water for use for the bauxite washing process. Based on the PROPER scheme, when Blue Rating were achieved, means point out that the environmental regulation and requirements are complied. ANTAM’s commitment in protecting the environment is predicated on the Environmental Impact Analysis , Environmental Monitoring Plan and Environmental Management Plan and Post-mining Plan .

To develop the human capital required for a multidisciplinary perspective in providing worker learning and development, not simply talent and competency. This is consistent with the Company’s policy to extend the competence of every worker whereas contemplating effectivity by prioritizing In-House applications and empowering ANTAM’s worker as useful resource individuals. To set the employee’s advantages, consideration is also given to the Company’s performance and enterprise developments as well as the synchronization of the efficiency appraisal course of with the internalization of PIONEER values as well as ANTAM Guiding Principles. ANTAM also present well being facilities by together with worker within the BPJS Health Insurance and optimizing health services to worker and families. Contractor employee in ANTAM are working in mining operations and projects development. In 2016, 25% of mine accidents with contractors’ employee, within the minor, main and fatal categories.

ANTAM is a number one pure resource-based company with diversified and vertically integrated activities for the main commodities of nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite, coal, and alumina as well as the services of processing and refining of precious metals. Mining is a vital exercise for ANTAM, not solely to acquire raw supplies, but additionally as a result of these operations lead to a wide range of socially and environmentally significant impacts. To scale back the impression from land clearing during production operations, ANTAM conducts land rehabilitation tailored to objective. ANTAM also implements CSR post-mining programs to make sure sustainability after ANTAM is no longer operating in the region. CSR post-mining packages will be different in each business unit and will be adapted to the traits and fundamental wants of the folks in each area. Completed ANTAM post-mining activities are in Cilacap, Wawo, Gebe Island, Kijang and Kutoarjo.

The whistleblowing staff works to deal with violation reviews, report investigations and supervise follow-up motion plans of the received report. The whistleblowing staff receives violation stories in writing from the Secretary of the Board of Commissioners for further analysis. The Code of Conduct presently accommodates several rules beneficial by the ASX Corporate Governance Principle and Recommendation, 3rd version. It contains equality and respect for human rights, relations with suppliers and clients, rivals, surrounding communities, employee ethical behaviour, authorized compliance, and equal work alternatives.

ANTAM products have an important perform to meet the needs of varied industry, however the benefits of mining actions shall not only coming from the business itself. Business is predicted to offer a contribution to the event of community wider that complete industrial activities. ANTAM’s reserves and assets supports the company’s long-term business development. By the completion of downstream tasks, ANTAM will be able to allocate and provide nickel ore for domestic smelter and inner usage. The Company believes its position as diversified natural resource based company with significant nickel and bauxite reserve will provide demand opportunities of business processed mineral product which continue to raise.

In regards to environmental and social efficiency, ANTAM will continue to deliver innovations from exploration stage until the post-mining stage. The Partnership and Community Stewardship Program will continue to be carried out in sustainable method and remain focused on the areas of training, health, public amenities and infrastructure, amenities for religious actions, disaster aid, environmental conservation. Environmental impacts shall be managed to minimum with the PROPER Gold rating our target. OHS management will continue to be a priority of our human sources risk management method. PK fund distribution precedence to to communities is in accordance with local economic development programs to increase the independence of the local economic system.

  • In addition, ANTAM acquired The Most Trusted Company standing based mostly on an assessment of Corporate Governance Perception Index and Most Trusted Company based mostly on the assessment of Investor and Analyst in the Corporate Governance Perception Index Awards.
  • This policy provides emphasis towards ANTAM since roughly 30% of Company‚Äôs income was gained from nickel ore export at the moment to offer capital to downstream tasks.
  • It is an honour for me to convey our message that 2016 was a turning point for the Company reviews a optimistic business performance and recovering from the losses of two consecutive years.

ANTAM additionally, although there’s a mechanism for complaints, did not obtain significant complaints associated to social and human rights from the group, including any violation of the rights of indigenous peoples in 2016, as within the previous year. Other solid hazardous waste generated by UBPN Sultra embrace contaminated packaging, medical waste and used filter, used lamp and gloves that are tend to extend. Moreover, the amount of contaminated sludge, glasswool and others elevated 1,428 kg from three,659 kg in 2015 to 5,087 kg in 2016. Hazardous waste remedy have been handed over by third entity of PT Multazam and PT PPLI. ANTAM total GHG emission from 5 enterprise models in 2016 amounted to 1.2 million ton CO2eq. The primary contributor of GHG was from UBPN Sultra which accounted for 99.8% of total ANTAM GHG emissions.

Both nickel slag and tailing are managed by ANTAM in accordance to relevant rules. In 2016, by processing wastewater using wastewater treatment plant appropriate to the attribute produced by every business unit, the quality of effluents from WWTP met environmental restrict normal. Based on enterprise units, in 2016, water was consumed most by UBPN Sultra amounting to 8,368 thousand m3.

Antam Antm Dan Kementerian Esdm Tekan Mou Di Bidang Geologi

Based on the survey outcomes, the CSI aggregated value of the CSR programs in 2016 reached 78.95%, whereas the CSI results of the CSR programs in 2015 reached seventy eight.22% it means by combination, the outcome increased by 0.73%. This shows that the public is satisfied with the implementation of ANTAM’s CSR packages as the mixture value of the CSI is in the vary 66-80%. In other words, the efficiency proven in the CSR program ANTAM is already approaching the expectations of the society.

APPRECIATION TO STAKEHOLDERS The positive achievements in 2016 had been supported with the participation of all of ANTAM’s stakeholders with further improvements are feasible sooner or later. The Board of Commissioners offers its highest appreciation to stakeholders and invites you to participate develop a sustainable in ANTAM. We are a mining company working the Gosowong Gold Mine based mostly on the Contract of Work signed on April 28, 1997 with the Government of Indonesia. The majority of shares of PTNHM are owned by PT Indotan Halmahera Bangkit (75%) and the remaining 25% are owned by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk.

Employee are required to comply with stipulated Occupational Health and Safety laws by collaborating in training programs, seminars and information dissemination on work methods, occupational well being and safety rules stipulated by the company. The company is required to offer training, seminars and information dissemination on work strategies, occupational health and safety laws stipulated by the corporate. The type, quality and amount of security tools required for occupational well being and safety is tailored to the conditions and type of labor in accordance with relevant regulations.

pt antam tbk unit geomin

GFA utilization is a type of progressive breakthroughs that each scale back the environmental burden and increase operational sustainability, fully consistent with UBP Emas post-mining plans. Within the detailed CSR Master Plan is the UBP Emas program to develop an agro-geo-edu-tourism strategic theme for the post-mining phase in Pongkor. Here we foresee an integration of schooling, well being, financial, socio-culture, native financial system, environmental and institutional capacity constructing programs. Following this concept, ANTAM will help Pongkor construct an underground mining learning and tourism heart supported by its wealthy agriculture and enhanced by local sources and environmental conservation actions. ANTAM business actions are best conducted once they positively impression the environment and create prosperity and self-reliance of close by communities.

In addition, ANTAM received The Most Trusted Company status primarily based on an assessment of Corporate Governance Perception Index and Most Trusted Company primarily based on the assessment of Investor and Analyst in the Corporate Governance Perception Index Awards. ANTAM’s nickel operating segment is comprised of ferronickel and nickel ore gross sales. Ferronickel production originated from the Company’s Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit. Bauxite accommodates alumina and a mixture of silica, varied iron oxides, and titanium dioxide. ANTAM plans to augment the value of its bauxite reserves though the development of alumina initiatives.

In addition, the group has also produced compost used in reclamation actions. During 2016, the value of the contract with the cooperation of reclamation group reached Rp1,454,608,625 . The Kasepuhan Indigenous neighborhood ar people who inhabit the mountains at Halimun-Salak National Park . This group is unfold within the western part of Bogor District, Sukabumi, West Java and Lebak district, Banten Province. As a cultural entity, the Kasepuhan folks often call themselves descendants of the Kingdom of Pajajaran. UBPN Malut also applied a ‚Äúdapur hidup‚ÄĚ program involving 213 housewives with sixteen facilitators.

Through this program, excellent worker as corporate property, obtain attention and special appreciation which could give the impression that received’t be forgotten by these employee. Remuneration Blueprint is a strategic plan prepared by the Task Force Human Capital Management as the premise for planning, implementation and analysis of insurance policies regarding remuneration insurance policies of ANTAM‚Äôs worker. Background formulation of Remuneration Blueprint is to support the Company‚Äôs strategic targets through the creation of a grasp plan so that the coverage is aligned with the strategic path of the Company. ‚ÄĘ Provision of consultation of well being examination results by clinical physician, together with clarification of way of life modifications necessary and provision of medication for light sickness, and referring the end result that requires further session or motion by specialist docs. ‚ÄĘ Health socialization is also performed based mostly on health examination and absenteeism due to illness and top ailments in the Company‚Äôs clinic. By reviewing medical check-up leads to 2016, the top ten discrepancies were found largely as a end result of eating behaviour and lifestyle which were not appropriate with balanced nutrition steering form the Ministry of Health 2014.

To determine the characteristic of hazardous waste, the Company cooperates with accredited impartial laboratory. Monitoring and analysis of waste are conducted in periodical foundation and routinely reported to the management and relevant establishments. In time period of vitality intensity, both UBPN Sultra and UBP Emas skilled will increase of 10.10% and 12.5% respectively due to the improve of vitality use as per above.

As a enterprise entity, ANTAM is also required to have the power to generate financial value . The three features of planet, individuals and profit are the premise for ANTAM in balancing its enterprise. To provide top quality products with a view of reaching most added value by way of best trade practices and aggressive operational performance; 2. To optimise resources with emphasis on sustainability, occupational security and environmental conservation; three. To improve the employee’s competency and welfare as well as the self-reliance of the communities within the vicinity of the operational areas. Geomin Unit has the major accountability of managing and developing exploration activities as nicely as finding new mineral reserves and sources.

UBPN Malut is considered one of ANTAM’s operational business items situated in Maba District and Maba Kota District, East Halmahera, North Maluku. The major problem in UBPN Sultra is the fast depletion of the excessive grade nickel ore which used as feed to the plant. In the following few years the uncooked materials shall be provided by UBPN Malut and this certainly shall geomining login be attention-grabbing in CSR management review which give synergy over program as properly as budgets. ANTAM has a robust dedication to implement the ideas and sustainable development objectives in each stage of operations. One of the commitments is realized by growing strategic planning for sustainable CSR within new neighborhood enterprise development when UBP Emas enters the mine closure stage.

It was marked amongst other things by the absence of worker strikes and incidents caused by discrimination through the reporting interval. The Organization Effectiveness & Development Division carried out an Employee Engagement Survey and Culture Survey Index to evaluate the effectiveness of the organizational tradition. The survey leads to 2016 for the Employee Engagement Index scored three.21 of 4.00 and Culture Survey Index scored 3.21 of 4.00. To support remuneration, the employee Capability Assessment System and Work Incentives had been additionally developed. ANTAM Personnel construct harmonious partnership relations with Stakeholders based mostly on the ideas of Good Corporate Governance and the Code of Conduct. Mutual respect is required between the Company and Insan ANTAM in making a steadiness between the fulfillment of rights and implementation of the obligations.

But for the reason that downturn of price commodity, the realization of non-tax income from mineral and coal sub-sector in Indonesia amounted to Rp27.21 trilion in 2016, decline in compare with earlier 12 months of Rp29.631 trillion. But in previous few years this industry needed to cowl challenges since global financial system stay unrestored since 2008. This situation affect calls for of mineral commodity and yet the price development to fall because of over provide altough have rose by the xyo l geomining tip of 2016. Regeneration of mining employees just isn’t as quick as the final workforce, which is a challenge for ANTAM to attempt to draw and retain expertise to help its growth. This period was given at section level employee and area, and it was carried out in Jakarta and Bogor. Good industrial relations have developed over the years and are thought of to have resulted in a conducive working environment during 2016.

Agrogeoedutourism is the concept for post-mining land management of Pongkor with all of the obtainable potential as a location for pure attractions, tourism training, underground mine journey vacation spot and in addition development of an agricultural-based companies. Support the greenhouse fuel impact discount by implementing productive and progressive processes in mining activities. Support the efforts of sustainable development and take into consideration the needs of communities surrounding the mining operations. PT ANTAM TBKGENERAL MEETINGS OF SHAREHOLDERSDIVIDEN INFORMATIONRESERVE AND RESOURCESDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS ANTAM is a vertically integrated, export-oriented, diversified mining and metals company. With operations spread all through the mineral-rich Indonesian archipelago, ANTAM undertakes all activities from exploration, excavation, processing by way of to marketing of nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite and coal.

In the longer term, ANTAM will develop a methodology for an goal impact assessment, in order that it might be in contrast between the impression of the target with the subjective evaluation of stakeholders. At the tip of 2012, Mrs. Ira Poespita started her Siomay ‚ÄúPuspita‚ÄĚ enterprise when her husband turned unemployed because of a layoff. Java – Depok Komp.Perumnas with capital of IDR1,000,000 – which she borrowed from a bank.

All operations are carried out as much as is possible to positively impact the environment and create prosperity and self-reliance so as to obtain sustainability. ANTAM operations are managed and carried out by 2,628 everlasting employee, probably the most useful belongings of the Company. To obtain Company targets requires not solely skilled worker but additionally motivation. Therefore, considered one of initiative was the drafting of the remuneration blueprint consistent with the strategic direction of the Company.

It is necessary to provide understanding to employee regarding option for nutritious diet, benefit of fiber from fruit and vegetables consumption, and good factor about exersise to obtain a healthy body and be a productive worker. It is predicted that worker may have a greater understanding in flip of their households so they may turn into healthier and the employee may be more focused and productive at work. Starting from 2017, ANTAM will put more concentrate on the implementation of contractor security management system from Ministry of Labor and Transmigration and task of Operational Responsible Person to contractors whose work in ANTAM in accordance to Mine Safety Management System. Gold mining in Cikotok began in 1936, later increasing into 6 regions including Cirotan, Cimari, Lebak Sembada, Cipicung and Cikijang.

Wastewater high quality generated from operation exercise can affect water high quality in the surrounding area. Should air pollution occurred, it can trigger social battle that will influence mine operation. For more than four decades, ANTAM has been establishing its place because the leading mineral mining company in Indonesia. But consistent with the dynamics and current exterior developments, ANTAM reworking from a mining company to a natural assets primarily based company. This means, in the future, that ANTAM will concentrate on the built-in and sustainable processed minerals enterprise, following the mining business downstream. [newline]Pada tahun mendatang, prospek usaha ANTAM akan lebih baik seiring dengan selesainya proyek-proyek ekspansi, penurunan biaya tunai komoditas inti dan adanya outlook peningkatan harga komoditas, serta beroperasinya PLTU yang akan menurunkan biaya energi pengolahan nikel. In 2016, the Company acquired 3 Green PROPER of the period 2015 to 2016 and a pair of Blue PROPER as a remarks for good environmental management by enterprise items, subsidiaries and sub-subsidiaries.

Environmentally Friendly Office Park

In 2016, all mining areas holds mining allow and Specific Mining Permit under the Clean and Clear standing. Conducting CSR is a crucial and built-in technique inside the total business of ANTAM. To provide guidance in the implementation of CSR, the Company has formulated a imaginative and prescient, mission and values of ANTAM CSR. The restricted amount of deposits in an area requires ANTAM to conduct exploration activities to be able to maintain mineral reserve.

Since geo-statistics developed by Prof George Matheron in 1960, it has been utilized significantly in mining business for mineral sources evaluation and reserves modeling. Geo-statistical methodology considers the spatial structure which is represented by variogram model in estimation strategies similar to polygonal, triangular grouping, inverse distance sq., nearest point, and so on. Moreover, parameters of variogram model may be drawn on to optimize the drilling pattern or the influence area of sampling factors. A “contemporary air” strategy to the environment as an environmentally friendly office park, ANTAM Office Park Tower B additionally implements ground water utilization treatment and recycling to reduce back water waste within the building and the property area. ANTAM makes its money by exploring and discovering mineral deposits, extracting them and processing them as economically and accurately as attainable and selling them to long term loyal customers in Europe and Asia. ANTAM has been doing this profitably since its inception in 1968 and plans to continuing doing this for many years ahead.

SDN 11 within the Sub-District of Cibubur, District Ciracas was chosen as a college that received assistance and help from ANTAM. ANTAM’s profitable efforts to make this college as a pilot for environment-based colleges, acquired an appreciation from the federal government for which the school was awarded as an Adiwiyata National School . In 2016, UBP Emas and Learning & Development Business Unit in cooperation with Research Center of Ministry of ESDM has established memorandum of understanding to make Pongkor as professional mining training center in post-mining stage. Mining activity in UBP Emas is carried out with underground mining system, not significantly affecting landscape while open pit mining will affect landscape and biodiversity above it.

This achievement was also balanced with improved implementation of social accountability, environment and governance practices as a transparent demonstration of ANTAM’s commitments in utilizing pure assets in a sustainable manner. Natural resources are blessings that must be managed wisely to be able to present added value for all stakeholders, and ANTAM is dedicated to materialize it. Sustainability for ANTAM means to advance Company efficiency to become a worldwide natural sources primarily based company, social welfare and environmental protection geomining on desktop. Through this Sustainability Report, ANTAM presents its policies in managing natural assets, in addition to the achievements and challenges we confronted in 2016. Other than Company inside events, ANTAM also supplies understanding to external events regarding ANTAM’s dedication to run the business in a prudent way, using gathering/socialization activities. Such socialization can be attended by suppliers/business partners or native government in each unit/business unit.

In UBP Bauksit ANTAM formed Embaloh Revegetation Group in 2014, consisting of seven people. The program generally recognized as M3A (Mandiri Mana‚Äô Man Alam) means ‚ÄúWe are Independent in Harmony with Nature‚ÄĚ. Since 2015 UBPN Malut initiated a coffee and nutmeg plantation development program in the districts of Kota Maba and Maba, East Halmahera. Currently about 46 ha of espresso and nutmeg bushes, around eighty three,994 timber, had been planted by 114 farmers. Beside seed plant, ANTAM also supplied fertilizer to farmers and the neighborhood was launched to cultivation methods for espresso and nutmeg to acquire optimum outcomes. ANTAM implements a communication strategy and method to social, religious, cultural customs and formal establishments in accord with present conditions.

One of innovation was established by UBP Bauksit by using palm Empty Fruit Bunch as stimulant medium to switch jutnet and coco fiber. In doing reclamation, ANTAM works along with numerous entities (research agency and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources – ESDM and Ministry of Environment & Forestry KLHK) to obtain technical guidance in executing reclamation and local reforestation. Organic non-hazardous waste was used as uncooked material for organic fertiliser amounted to 20.2 ton.

Details of CSR ANTAM and post mining management could be found in ‚ÄėSocial Responsibility‚Äô. ANTAM exploration activities till 2016 had been centered in gold and nickel commodity. Exploration activity was centered in Pongkor, West Java and nickel exploration in Pomalaa, South East Sulawesi. As pure resource company, mineral resources is the vital thing to ANTAM sustainability. Since home growth of smelter development and nickel ore demand, ANTAM commence to supply nickel ore to satisfy domestic smelter demand in 2016. Furthermore the Government of Indonesia try to spice up added value from mining business with ore export ban since 2014 and sign mining corporations a mineral processing obligatory in home.

For used chemical bottles waste, used battery have been decreased from seventy two kg to 33 kg. The improve of amount of waste occurred on contaminated sludge, glasswool and others from 1,233 kg in 2015 to 829,1 kg in 2016. As for non-hazardous waste, therapy is by conducting segregation, composting organic waste, recycling and reuse and if not relevant dumped to final landfill .

The future lifetime of Gosowong Gold Mine is believed to broaden by an additional 5 years. Such an extended mine life is revealed based on an increase in reserves from the findings of new resources within the Contract of Work area of PTNHM, which is located in North Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. Use its sources and have interaction in actions designed to extend its income as long as it stays throughout the rules of the sport, which is to say, engages in open and free competitors with out deception or fraud. Located in TB Simatupang area, ANTAM Office Park Tower B is a contemporary workplace constructing that offers high quality office house to the discerned business occupiers. ‚ÄčA thriving and dynamic spacious development, which supplies a singular office advanced enhanced with outstanding architectural kinds mixed to create an environment that’s distinctive in that area. Possess certification or training experience in SIG/Database/Programming Language (Javascript, PHP & HTML, 5 C++ Java)/CSS/Oracle/MysQL/SQL ServerArcGIS/Networking is most well-liked.

Moreover, in attaining the disbursement target, the Partnership Program is also realized by working with other SOEs in channeling funds of the Partnership Program. So that by 2016, the Partnership Program funds disbursement amounted to Rp70.35 billion with 1,881 skilled partners. Until 2016 the variety of companions reached 39,735, while funds disbursed amounted to Rp503.sixty three billion. Revegetation Group Embaloh Permai now has grown to 20 members and has produced a various range of products, together with quite lots of seeds from arachys, LCC, and the seeds of forest and plantation crops such as johar, durian, jackfruit and cashew. Previously nickel slag was only used for road layer , but ANTAM has accomplished innovation by using slag as mixture material or aggregate for pre-cast concrete merchandise as raw materials for building and hearth proof ceramic business.

The most fundamental thing is to ensure compliance and perform beyond compliance which provides benefits. We additionally observed that the mining industries laws and environmental normal are increasingly stringent and have gained special consideration from each regional and central governments. Therefore, ANTAM applies a proactive approach to make sure our level of compliance with regulations and environmental requirements. ANTAM also conducts General Meeting of Stakeholders which is often linking the Company with stakeholders in every revered business unit. The function is to create the best basic information to develop the community at every location assessed.

For open pit mining operations, ANTAM conducts a good and strategic approach to the communities surrounding the operational areas. If necessary, ANTAM would relocate these communitiy settlements positioned near to the operation area and provide necessary infrastructure wanted by the neighborhood to satisfy their livelihood. The implementation of mine land reclamation is a vital subject for stakeholders including xyo geomining kit where to buy the corporate, authorities and surrounding communities due to concern to environmental situations and alter of environmental panorama. Tailing, which got here from gold processing activities, used as uncooked material for development material called Green Fine Aggregate which is an innovation in environmental management.

In order to realize such sustainability, ANTAM on the strategic level integrates environmental and social impact management; from pre-mine planning to post-mining as the exit strategy. In 2016, the Company accomplished the CSR Master Plan for all mining enterprise items, laying out a strategic path for each mining business unit to manage their social and environmental responsibilities in the lengthy term. Roles, authority, membership, and other related issues in the BoC supporting committee have been regulated in a separate Charter. Post-mining is a planned, systematic, and continous activity after the top of half or all of the mining actions with the aim to restore the perform of the natural environment and social features, which refers to Post-Mining Plan Document and is customized to native situations. Postmining occurs in situations where mineral reserves are now not economically extracted, the expiration of IUP, or security issues now not assist actions. ANTAM along with all stakeholders conduct various initiatives in environmental protection both inside and outdoors of mining operational areas.

ANTAM’s gold and refinery enterprise segment consists of gold commodity, silver and pr …

pt antam tbk unit geomin

GCG coverage, system and consistent implementation by all ANTAM worker brought a constructive results of trust from shareholders and in addition wider stakeholders, indicated by evaluation results from external parties on ANTAM’s GCG efficiency. Category, it additionally underwent strict selection based on standards established by ANTAM availability and capabality of human assets, certification from authority, relevant expertise, apart from completeness of authorized paperwork. The Code of Conduct is consistently up to date according to developments in legal and social elements, norms, laws, and the Company’s business trip. Any worker could present input to the Code of Conduct in order that it remains present and consistent with up-to-date values and social norms. The Risk Management Committee was established to assist in the supervisory and advisory duties of the BoC in doing threat identification, mapping, analysis, and mitigation on all ANTAM business processes, aimed to forestall and minimise the danger within management business processes. ANTAM has established in one of the company’s mission that to maximise the shareholder and stakeholder value by participating in fostering group welfare in the surrounding area, particularly in schooling and economic empowerment.

As one of many mineral company, ANTAM has the advantage as one of the firms that can present low-cost product for ferronickel. Based on the benchmark by Wood Mackenzie in 2016, ANTAM was the second lowest cost ferronickel producer. In 2016, ANTAM operation cost consisted of manufacturing cost excluding worker cost and CSR recorded Rp8,1 trillion or 21% lower than 2015. The lower operating cost in 2016 compared to 2015 was due to lower bills for gas in nickel mine operation, in line with the declining of world gas price, and discount of gold purchase from the third get together in buying and selling activity of UBPP LM after the stop of export to India. Ferronickel and gold which are ANTAM’s core commodities report target manufacturing exceed in 2016 amounted 20,293 TNi or rise 18% compare with 2015 of 17,211 TNi. Meanwhile the ferronickel sales quantity amounted 20,888 TNi, arise 12% compare with 2015 of 18,643 TNi.

Energy management in ANTAM refers to MEMR regulation No.14 of 2012 on Energy Management, then trickled all the method down to the insurance policies of every business unit. To guarantee the availability of sustainable power, ANTAM replaced fossil gasoline with coal and retrofitted the plant and modified the engines to find a way to use fuel as gasoline. UBP Bauksit is one of ANTAM’s operational enterprise models located within the two districts of Tayan District and Toba District, Sanggau, West Kalimantan.

Departing from this view, ANTAM determined to transform the Learning and Development Division into Strategic Business Units specifically Learning and Development Business Unit that may have the flexibility to develop a more holistic human capital. Efforts made by the Company to implement the ANTAM HCM Master Plan have resulted in the enhance in personnel retention and in attracting the most effective graduates to join the Company. This situation is needed to sustain the expansion momentum that has been achieved in 2016 and plans for enterprise development in the future.

We assist development in surrounding operation area via financial activities and by participating in physical development it the area. In this regards ANTAM roles as a complimentary to development initiated by the local authorities. As State Owned Enterprises , ANTAM support to authorities policy on SOE position in state development. ANTAM show these commitment by start smelter development close to mining area.

In third quarter of 2016, ANTAM launched jewelry product offers a wider supply for retail market and in addition to gold bar products. The company proceed to judge and develop these vast reserves and recources basis to strengthen the market, enhance reserves and production profile. In the lengthy term, this initiative will transform right into a Learning & Development Corporate University in 2020.

In 2016, ANTAM spent Rp19.126 billion for the implementation of employee competence development activities, growing when in comparability with the earlier yr at Rp14.07 billion. In addition, within the type of management coaching, ANTAM cooperates with several universities to develop scholarship programs for talented employee to continue their education in college. Recruitment is done overtly in accordance with the wants and qualifications required. For certain forms of positions ANTAM has a coverage to accept the native workforce within the selection process with an equivalent qualification and competence. With the changes, SMUK performance might be more efficient and it has turn into an important instrument for the appliance of HR system, except for the increase of understanding of the management in SMUK. ANTAM grows and develops in several areas in Indonesia and is supported by human sources from varied backgrounds.

The implementation of good corporate governance in ANTAM is the muse for reaching Company targets and foundation of action by all ANTAM employee. In 2016, we conducted evaluation on the GCG softstructure, together with revising the Corporate Governance Policy, which reinaugurated with a joint statement of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors and issued on January 27th, 2016. We additionally updated the Charter of the Board of Directors to have the ability to adjust to the altering regulation and the interior needs. ANTAM remain dedicated to implementing and guaranteeing best practices to hold up environmental high quality in every operational area. Within this framework, the Company seeks to implement higher environmental management requirements by persistently participating in Company Performance Rating Program on Environmental Management held by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. This performance enchancment was achieved despite the worldwide and home economic system remain unrestored and strong strain remaining in mining business, however with the continous innovations iniatives, the outcomes appears to emerge.

Geomin Unit has the principle accountability of managing and developing exploration activitie … Some part of this report might comprise forward-looking statements that are based on the present beliefs and expectations of Company‚Äôs management and are subject to significant risks and uncertainties. Actual results could differ from those set forth within the forward-looking statements.

Due to this situation, ANTAM applied contractor security management to improve contractor safety efficiency. Every worker is obliged to obey well being security and environment laws, procedures, and security directions supplied by the Company. Safety is certainly one of ANTAM’s 2030 Missions to optimize assets with emphasis on sustainability, work safety and environmental conservation. Further threat from the incidents is the oblique loss that has larger consequences, similar to misplaced workdays and work hours , broken popularity, sanctions and fines, and lawsuit. Further, associated to local water, the Company will function and develop water souces in accordance with community needs. This SPAM revitalization will improve water move from 6 to 10 liters per second, so that water service can be enjoyed by 800 to 1,000 residential connections from the earlier four hundred properties in District Cibeber.

pt antam tbk unit geomin

ANTAM has carried out thorough evaluation and established enchancment packages for 2017 together with contractor safety management system , mine security coverage and process review, and other improvement measures. Occupational health and safety Safety supervision and analysis are managed collectively by ANTAM management and worker through the Occupational Health and Safety of Committee or the Safety Committee. The Safety Committee is liable for occupational health and issues of safety of the enterprise unit, together with contractor labor or partners who work within the operational area. Post-mining applications deliberate in the Post-mining Plan are arranged prior to mining actions. The post-mining program is structured to attenuate the social and environmental impacts as properly as guarantee environmental and group sustainability.

While the remainder non-hazardous anorganic waste was dumped in landfill in Site Tanjung Buli . UBPN Malut generated most used lubricants oil, used oil, and oil sludge in 2016 of 57,780 kg. The improve was because of increase use of heavy gear for production in 2016 in line with increase of production target of 1,300,000 ton, in comparability with 2015 of 1,100,000 ton. As for UBPP LM, used lubricants, used oil and oil sludge generated in 2016 was one hundred forty four,5 kg higher from 50 kg in earlier year while stable hazardous waste shaped with contaminated packaging waste and medical waste had been lower from 2,194 kg in 2015 to 1,786 kg in 2016.

One of ANTAM‚Äôs featured applications in local economic development is initiating the enterprise incubator program in UBPN Sultra, UBPN Malut, UBP Emas and UBP Bauksit. One of ANTAM‚Äôs commitments in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals since 2014 has been to assist environmental-based education schemes developed by the Government, referred to as Adiwiyata School. One effort to implement an educational dedication is through the scholarship program for communities surrounding ‚Äč‚Äčthe mining areas. This can additionally be according to the success of ANTAM‚Äôs Human Capital strategy to run the business in the future. Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students and disadvantaged college students from elementary to college.

Slag from UBPN Sultra operation in 2016 amounted to 818,262 tons was totally or one hundred pc used for highway base and yard base in UBPN Sultra inner location. Slag quantity was greater in 2016 according to increase of ferronickel in the area. Organic waste handled into compost, whereas non organic was handled in cooperation with local district.

GHG emission in UBPN Sultra elevated compared to 2015 because of the operation of FeNi 4 plant, the increase in coal consumption in TPG and elevated use of Fuel Oil in Ore Preparation. In UBP Bauksit, the emission was considerably totally different from previous years, this was due to the reality that in 2014 UBP Bauksit used its own diesel energy generator and since 2015 to current is switched to purchase energy from TPG PT ICA. The highest increase occurred in UBP Bauksit which nearly tripled from 0.005 ton CO2eq/ton to 0.015 ton CO2eq/ton product. Using basic measurement on environment management implementation, ANTAM use ISO which periodicaly audited by independent exterior certification company. ANTAM remains committed to implement precautionary principles, good mining practices, as properly as to adjust to present laws. These becomes the foundation of the Company’s operations in all mining areas including compliance with the allow laws.

In 2016 ANTAM generated hazardous waste with completely different development from different business unit. UBPN Sultra generated most hazardous waste examine to other enterprise units with total hazardous waste of 1,396,114 kg. Reduction of electrical energy consumption at the supporting services, similar to by lowering the room temperature, use of power saving lamps, and making certain office tools is switched-off when not in use. Reduction of emission from autos through maintenance intensification and conducting emission check periodically. Other GHG emission reduction programs which have been established since 2007 together with tree planting by way of One Billion Indonesian Trees Program. Modernization of silver refining process using High Speed Silver Electrorefining technology.

In this scope, ANTAM continuously improves the processing to be more environment friendly with higher productivity, using the sustainable consumption production method. Due to restricted access to national grid electricity, some of ANTAM business models are required to have their own power generator using gasoline to produce power to vegetation. This situation triggered a dependency on this kind of vitality source whereas at the similar emitted Green House Gas. In 2014, ANTAM conducted a review of its CSR Master Plan, which developed in 2009. The review was to update the ANTAM CSR Master Plan with the newest Corporate Strategy and the conditions of its major business models, including strategy to realize the Company’s long-term business sustainability. The Board of Commissioners also appreciates UBP Emas innovation efforts in transforming waste right into a priceless product.

For human resource management, ANTAM provides its duty to the Human Capital Management Division and Organizational Effectiveness and Development Division as properly as the Business Unit of Learning and Development. One of the primary keys to innovation and efficiency is the ability and skills of human sources which aren’t solely fulfilled in enough quantity and competence, but in addition excessive motivation. From the calculation, employee within the high threat class (high threat suspected in next 10 years will have 20% opportunity to sustain coronary heart disease) will be eligible to have particular person consultancy to take care of medical ethics. As a half of preventive measures, in October 2016, measurement of coronary disease threat for workers was begun based mostly on medical check-ups for the interval of the following 10 years using the Jakarta Cardiovascular Score. The scoring will assess one‚Äôs threat based mostly on gender, age, blood pressure, physique mass index, smoking habits, diabetes mellitus and sport habits. In 2016, ANTAM recognized a excessive level of cardio illness cases among worker, those who has been operated on, with ring implants, cardiovascular instances in addition to sudden demise with suspicion of cardiac arrest.

Every enterprise unit processes the wastewater in accordance with type and scale of exercise. The process is aimed to make sure wastewater quality to satisfy environmental standards. Produced wastewater is monitored periodically both internal and external accredited laboratory. Water assets and wastewater from mining actions are sensitive issues for group particularly for those living close by operation area.

Improvement of the SMUK is now automatically carried out by implementing methods change using an on-line system via HCIS . This transformation from a handbook system was performed in early 2016 for Head Office on the level of department – bureau – division, whereas for units/business models the scheme shall be applied in 2017. Annual routine influenza and Hepatitis-B vaccination should there any negative results of body immunity to Hepatitis-B. ‚ÄĘ Routine inspection for caterers for enterprise models or subsidiaries that present catering for staff during work hours or extra time. In UBP Emas, ANTAM requires all attributable to work environment in the processing plant to have biomonitoring to determine lead and cyanide content worker in blood. In the implementation of management and employee roles and responsibilities, the Company is obliged to supply safety equipment, unifiorm and ID cards, health services, and safety of the office and environment.

GHG emissions have been primarily generated from mining activities, power use, waste management, and chemical process as well as transportation actions carried out by ANTAM and its contractors. Mineral mining, processing and refining in ANTAM requires water to assist plant operation and domestic use. In basic, uncooked water was obtained from floor water; a significant amount of water consumption had turned water into one thing that ought to be well managed.

The ANTAM School Development Program is expected to reply problems in the education sector. Currently there are two enterprise units that target implementing SDP, they’re UBPN Malut and UBPN Sultra. In UBPN Malut, coverage of the program are the schools that can become a job model in the District of Maba City, District of Maba and District of East Halmahera. This program has been carried out by ANTAM since 2010 and consists of assistance to enhance the standard of education and assist to improve classroom amenities. There are seven development areas as the primary target for neighborhood development applications, with completely different initiative in each sector. The technique for ANTAM‚Äôs CSR actions is also realized through the principle of involvement of all stakeholders in group development.

On the opposite hand, to extend gasoline ignition effectivity in existing energy generator, ANTAM applied the retrofit project in MFO diesel engine ‚ÄėWartsila‚Äô so it may consume gas because the source of energy. Energy utilization in 2016 was 28% larger in contrast the previous 12 months of 10.11 million GJ. From this amount, UBPN Sultra was the highest power person with total consumption of 12,58 million GJ or ninety six.93% of total ANTAM vitality use. In addition with ISO implementation, ANTAM participated within geomines the Company Performance Rating on Environmental Management held by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry . ANTAM exercise beyond compliance conducted on all important elements of the environment by introducing improvements to reduce environment impact and maximize its positives. Accreditation of Testing Laboratory in accordance to ISO 17025, issued by National Accreditation Committee for gold, silver, gold and silver combination and platinum analysis at Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit, obtained in June 2003 and valid until September 15, 2019.

In 2016, the Company reached all time high of ferronickel manufacturing and gross sales of 20,293 tonnes of nickel in ferronickel , whereas sales recorded 20,888 TNi. This production boost gained because the Pomalaa Ferronickel Plant Expansion Project reached its optimum operation by completion of FeNi 2 repairs. PTNHM continues to do further work to reach the targeted manufacturing amidst numerous pressures due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The company does not undertake to update the forward-looking statements to reflect the impact of circumstances or occasions that will come up after the date of the forward-looking statements. Follow up motion of violation report together with system improvement or necessary motion in management environment is to be coordinated with SVP Corporate Secretary ‚ÄĘ Anggota Komite Audi ‚ÄĘ Diangkat dan diberhentikan oleh Dewan Komisaris berdasarkan keputusan Dewan Komisaris. We fully acknowledge that corruption and any type of fraud will give a negative impression to the Company‚Äôs sustainability. This has encouraged ANTAM to take measures to stop and eradicate corruption throughout the Company. ANTAM has made corruption an essential problem to be constantly monitored and socialised to all ANTAM worker and other related parties involved with the Company‚Äôs business.

In 2016, ANTAM business items UBPN Sultra, UBPN Malut, UBPP LM, and UBP Bauksit additionally participated in Mine Safety Performance evaluations. While primarily based on the kind of program, the very best enhance in CSI scores was reached for the Community Development program, which reached 0.61%, while for the Partnership Program the increase was by 0.62%. From this data, we see that the neighborhood perceptions have been that empowering progams obtained a better value than help geomining sac packages. ANTAM conducted surveys on the Community Satisfaction Index through the use of Importance Performance Analysis technique to discover out the programs to be able to improve ANTAM’s partner satisfaction. The measurement of Community Satisfaction Index 2016 in opposition to ANTAM CSR Programs were conducted by the Head Office Unit , UBPP LM, UBP Emas, UBPN Sultra, UBPN Malut and UBP Bauksit.

In 2016, ANTAM also remodeled the Learning and Development Division to be a business unit , which can turn into service provider in mineral mining sector, in the lengthy term UBLD will remodel into ANTAM Corporate University. ANTAM’s CSR program focus on group empowerment, creating self-reliance based on local sources. ANTAM has initiated enterprise incubator program in the 4 major enterprise units which are UBPN Sultra, UBPN Malut, UBP Emas and UBP Bauksit. This method facilitate community into developing unique embroidery crafts typical of West Kalimantan, or by reviving the culture of espresso and nutmeg in japanese areas of Indonesia, especially the fostering of farmers around Maba City, East Halmahera. ANTAM holds downstream exercise since 1974 by the primary ferronickel plant operation named FeNi 1.

In mining process, emission is generated from the operation of transport and heavy gear. Consequently, reductions in GHG emissions are associated to fuel thrift and correct maintenance of mine tools and heavy machineries. ANTAM additionally applied the use of recycled water from WTP for use as raw water for processing functions, to minimize back the utilization of ground water. In 2016, ANTAM used 10.30 million m3 of recycle water, up 13% from the earlier 12 months. This water got here from settling pond in addition to residual processing to be reused in the manufacturing process.

On 27 November 2005 manufacturing activity was stopped, on 15 November 2006 ANTAM proposed final RPT paperwork for the six regions in coordination with the local authorities of Lebak’s Mine Closure Team. On January 21, 2016, the well being center with therapy middle in Cibeber District was inaugurated by the Lebak Regent and Director General and ANTAM CSR. The facility offers higher quality of medical services and is nearer to the community. Active ANTAM Business Units are UBPN Sultra, UBP Emas, UBPN Malut, and UBP Bauksit, all of which have prepared a Post-Mining Plan . ANTAM is at present customizing RPT documents ready in accordance with the most recent IUP regulations for the Karangan Mine Project, Sadaniang Mine Project, and the Landak Mine Project. In 2016, ANTAM prices for implementation of postmining activities reached Rp6.49 billion. After turning into a partner of ANTAM, Mrs. Ira acquired coaching on product packaging.

In addition to the CSI, in 2016 ANTAM up to date the present social mapping to conform to the standards set by the PROPER, as well as to measure the impact of the priority CSR packages within the 4 enterprise items of UBPN Sultra, UBPN Malut, UBP Emas, and UBP Bauksit. Natural capital generally has a sloping lower since 5 years ago mainly because of the exploitation of natural resources and discount of forest cowl, but the environmental quality index of where individuals live has elevated. Financial capital owned by the people round UBP Emas in time period of access to modern finance isn’t excessive, only 23% have a financial institution savings account and only 8% of the population utilise bank loans, thus assembly the wants of capital for enterprise development is still fairly low. The incubator program is aimed at developing the potentials of native resources-based enterprises to develop an independent area people. In the program, technical help and capital are given to local enterprises to conduct enterprise, together with technical and managerial coaching, equipment and start-up capital.

The cooperation with LPDP is predicted to provide more opportunities for folks to entry higher education at Master and Doctoral levels, so as to assist the achievement of the needs for good high quality human resources within the mining operations. The energy consumption included consumption contractors and companions for operational actions in mining business models. Furthermore, in mining, processing, refining and gross sales activity, a key factor in the sustainability of ANTAM lies in a dedication to manage environmental, social and financial impacts. ANTAM’s environmental and social responsibility is ANTAM’s dedication to protect the Earth and improve neighborhood .

This pandemic has launched an incredible challenge within the operation of Gosowong Gold Mine contemplating the whole number of human resources of PTNHM of more than 2,300 individuals with most of them are from North Maluku Province and the remainder are from numerous areas throughout Indonesia. Antam is creating mine in Pakal Site, that supply feed ore in FeNi Plant and the export targets. The mining concept are, ore that’s mined from pit will be stored in five completely different ore stockpile. As run scheduling simulation, best state of affairs elected show 12.91 MWMT complete materials movement in first 5 years.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to give appreciation to all stakeholders who’ve labored tirelessly and provided assist to the Company and its efforts to realize a great efficiency in 2016. By undertake continuous improvements in various areas, we expect ANTAM can present advantages and value added for the nation, the country, and the individuals of Indonesia. In addition to epithermal deposit target, as a half of the company‚Äôs long term planning PTNHM additionally conducts explorations on the porphyry deposit as indicated in Toguraci area and other areas. The new premium office tower unlike another which is environmentally friendly that brings you serenity, productivity, and leisure to day by day routine. In the enterprise 12 months of 2017, ANTAM succeeded in attaining acceptable and sound growth.. According to info found in PT Aneka Tambang Tbk Annual Report 2017 as cited by, ANTAM recorded complete net profit of Rp 136 billion in 2017.

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