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County property tax websites and websites for city parks and recreation areas are typically the quickest way to find out possession and native geocache placement rules. 3) ATV Trails and Snowmobile Trails – It is not advisable to hike on these unless particularly acknowledged it is legal to take action. There may be posted areas … Read more

Practical Geocaching®

Make sure to write down the number written on the lid of the bottle, you may need it for the ultimate exam. A Swiss Army knife can come in useful, notably if you have a knife with a tweezers , pliers , or screwdriver. If a log is full, let the CO know in your … Read more

What Is Geocaching?

The cache was supposed to be in a magnetic key box hidden under the bench. However, I found part of the box in a crack of the armrest without the magnet attached. This was more than likely because a muggle found it accidentally and didn’t know what to do with it. Most people start out … Read more

7 Easy Locations To Ask Permission To Hide A Geocache

A number of caches have been destroyed by bomb squads. Diverse locations, from rural cemeteries to Disneyland, have been locked down because of such scares. The Shambles, the road in Wetherby, Yorkshire, England, was the site of a managed explosion on a geocache container in 2011 which was mistakenly perceived to be a bomb. Finally, … Read more

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Thoroughly check for current regulations before hiding your cache. If doubtful, seek guidance from your local geocaching society or club. Be ready to reply promptly to reported problems such as missing containers and wet or full logbooks. The accuracy normally will increase as the GPS receives more satellites. MIT App Inventor can report the accuracy … Read more

Just Lately Accomplished 100 Finds And Heres My Second Hide!

The main difference between opencaching and traditional listing sites is that all services are open to the users at no cost. This is not the case with opencaching; every geocache is listed and accessible to everyone for free. The largest site is, owned by Groundspeak Inc., which began working in late 2000. With a … Read more

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Earthcaches are one of the two exceptions to the no-container rule; they’re caches by which gamers must answer geological questions to complete the cache. The other exception is for event caches; for an event to qualify, it must be particularly or mainly for geocachers, and should have a minimum duration dependent upon its category . … Read more

Can You Hide A Geocache At A School?

They characterize the ability and sacrifice given by our armed forces which is why it’s the excellent thing to leave in a geocache. These are great as a result of they are cheap to buy and are available in a wide variety garmin gpsmap 6s exit geocache mode of sizes and shapes. Many people select … Read more

The Best Geocaching Apps For Android

There are millions of geocaches around the world—there are probably even some near you right now. Watch the video for a couple of geocaching tips, then seek for nearby geocaches. With this app, it’s simpler to log official trackables. It can also export the list to a GSAK compatible format. The free version of … Read more

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If you’re new to Geocaching, a great place to start is with an Adventure Lab! These do not require a physical container, but the app gives you clues and coordinates to find locations around the community. When you’re close enough, you will get a matter prompt about what you found. It’s a very fun introduction … Read more